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2011 South Journal Award

"The Changing Faces of Dutchtown"

"South city cafe aims for bike-friendly status"

"Just a really comfy, well-lit, third-place sort of spot."

Committed to remove the equivalent of 26 tons of Carbon Dioxide annually

Ranked in the Top 3 in Riverfront Times 2009 Reader's Poll: Favorite New Restaurant, Favorite Business Lunch,and Favorite Wrap.

"Sometimes, my beloved St. Louis cosmos magically aligns. Autumn leaves swirled by the breeze. Light dappling brick. The quirky, mysterious whir of the city. And a restaurant with the right mood at the right time." - read on...

Ranked #1 in Dutchtown

100% "I like it" on urbanspoon.


Customer comments from the Meetup Community

Owners see Urban Eats Cafe as neighborhood gathering place.

"An artistic touch...visitors to URBAN EATS CAFE in South City may notice something new. The restaurant has launched the URBAN ARTS COLLECTIVE PROJECT to raise the profile of local artists and the Dutchtown South business district. Artistsā€˜ work will rotate through the space on a 90 day basis, with the first rotation starting this month."

"I was extremely pleased to finally experience Urban Eats (Dutchtown)."- read on...

"Restaurants, coffee shops, you name it--they should have bike racks! Dutchtown's Urban Eats." - read on...


Urban Eats feeds Dutchtown revival


IKEA Business

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